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Matcha Pineapple Bun “Bo Lo Bao” 菠蘿包

matcha pineapple bun bolo bao 4
As a child, I remember whenever we would visit my grandparents and there would sometimes be a box of assorted Chinese bakery goods on the kitchen table. Most often, there would be BBQ pork buns, red bean buns, and egg tarts, but once in a while there would be cocktail buns (gei mei bao) and pineapple buns (bo lo bao). I always fancied the “special” buns such as the cream-filled cocktail buns and lightly sweetened pineapple buns. (more…)

Matcha Molten Lava Cheese Tart

Molten Lava Cheese Tart

There’s something about lava flow — it’s memorizing — the oozing, flowing… kind of in the same way how people (like myself) get super excited about runny egg yolk. Yes, drippy soft-boiled egg all the way for me!

Now for some real talk: I am not the biggest fan of cheese. I have a (weird) stipulation when it comes to it — in order for me to eat it, it has to be in its melted form. For example: grilled cheese, tuna melts, or pizza. No cheese and crackers for this girl!

You’re probably wondering what does lava and cheese have anything to do with each other?!  (more…)

Matcha S’mores

Matcha S'mores

The intermittent crackle, warm glow of a fire, embers drifting into the pitch black night sky. Friends gather around, laughter filling the space, long twigs fallen from trees cast a shadow in the light. And at the end of the twig, what was a white, firm, fluffy parcel, is now transformed into a caramelized, brown (sometimes black) crusty morsel of ooey gooey sweetness.

I’m not a poet. But I do know one thing. Campfires = s’mores. And s’mores are a summertime favourite. I think it’s the whole ritual of gathering with friends around a fire. There’s a freeing nature to it, maybe even caveman-like. I know my husband would jump at the chance to get a firepit. LOL. (more…)