Vegan Matcha Milk JamWithout a doubt, one of the most popular recipes on my website is my Matcha Milk Jam/Green Tea Spread. Initially, it was really an experiment in whether I could recreate a commercially-made product that wasn’t available over here at the time. I didn’t realize how much people enjoyed the idea of making a matcha green tea milk spread.

Vegan Matcha Milk Jam
I typically don’t drink dairy, but for my original recipe, I used organic milk, cream, and milk powder. However, I just read a study that concluded that the protein found in milk (casein) binds to matcha’s beneficial antioxidants (catechins) and inhibits its absorption into the body.

So those matcha lattes made with milk — probably not as healthy as you thought it would be.

One of the many benefits of consuming matcha is that it boosts metabolism, which in turn helps the body burn calories more quickly. In addition, the catechins found in matcha tea are a unique super anti-oxidant that protects the body from cell damage. When you add milk to matcha tea, the milk protein casein binds to the catechins in matcha, counteracting their effect.

Vegan Matcha Milk Jam

Learning about this, I wanted to optimize and revisit my Matcha Milk Jam/Green Tea Spread recipe so that you and I could reap the full health benefits of the matcha in it. (Read: I want to enhance my fat burning capabilities with matcha, not hinder! Hah!)

There’s absolutely no dairy in this green tea matcha spread and luckily, the results were just as good as the original… creamy, luscious, smooth, and full of that delicious matcha flavour — so let’s call this the vegan version of my Matcha Milk Jam.

To make the vegan matcha green tea spread, I swapped the milk and cream for non-dairy milk. I really enjoy the pairing of coconut milk and matcha, so that was a no-brainer. The almond milk lends a nuttier taste to the milk jam, and perhaps next time, instead of a smooth creamy consistency, I’ll add some chopped almond pieces to give it a little more texture, just like crunchy peanut butter.

Here’s to more making vegan matcha green tea spreads, without the milk!

Vegan Matcha Milk Jam

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Spread
Yield: 1/2 C (125ml)

1/2 C full-fat coconut milk
1/2 C organic almond milk
2 tsp good quality matcha, sifted
3 tsp sugar
1/4 C hot boiling water

Place sifted matcha powder into a heat-safe jar or bowl. Carefully add hot boiling water to the matcha. Stir in sugar and mix until everything is completely dissolved.

Heat coconut milk and almond milk in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium heat and while whisking, gradually pour matcha mixture over a sieve into the saucepan. If there are any lumps remaining in the sieve, add some of the milk from the saucepan over top of the sieve and push through with the back of a spoon.

Whisk periodically until mixture has thickened and reduced by half, about 20 minutes over low-medium heat. It should be smooth and creamy. A way to tell if it’s ready is when you scrape the mixture in the pot with a spoon or whisk, there should be a line that is visible, meaning it has thickened enough. If you scrape the pot and can’t see a line, continue whisking over heat.

Once it has thickened enough, remove from heat. Let cool.

Pour into a clean jar and refrigerate. The spread will be a little more thicker once it has cooled. Best consumed in 1 week.

Serve on toast, pancakes, or desserts.

If you try this recipe, tag #siftandsugar on Instagram, or leave a comment and let me know!

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