Month: February 2018

1st Blogiversary & Rose Strawberry Hibiscus Mille Crepe Cake

Rose Strawberry Hibiscus Mille Crepe Cake2
What a year it has been! Today’s my blog’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe how much has happened within the past year.

What started out as a hobby that I didn’t take too seriously has now become such an exciting and creative outlet for me. I know I’ve always enjoyed blogging. Even when I was a child, I would journal incessantly… I don’t know how many diaries I kept, but there was a stack before I left for University. And while I was still in University, I moved over from paper journaling to online “blogging.”  (more…)

The Best Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough4

Did you know February 9th is National Pizza Day? I seriously don’t know who comes up with these “holidays” but, you know what, if it’s another excuse to eat pizza, then I’m in!

Friday nights are pizza nights in my house. Mention the word “pizza” and my kids come running. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this Italian classic. There’s something about the simplicity and versatility of sauce, cheese, and bread — you can eat it cold, hot, on-the-run, with a knife and fork, for breakfast, for lunch, or a midnight snack?   (more…)