Top 10 Kitchen Essentials & Summer Berry Water Recipe

Berry Water
Summer is in full swing here on the West Coast, and while we normally have mild summers, this year has been exceptionally hot and dry. Not that I’m complaining, because that means I’m constantly thinking of new drinks to keep hydrated.

When Wayfair reached out to me to collaborate on a post for their Blogger’s Picks, I was thrilled to peruse their website and pick out essentials (in my opinion) that every kitchen needs, including some beautiful beverage dispensers and glassware for those aforementioned summertime drinks!  (more…)

Mexican Coconut Horchata

Mexican Coconut Horchata

One of the best things about living in a culturally-diverse city such as Vancouver is that there’s lot of opportunity to try new foods and explore new cuisines. While visiting a local Mexican joint, I was intrigued about the drink they had in a fountain dispenser up front near the counter. My husband saw me ogling and asked if I wanted to try it…. UM, YES!

It was love at first taste. Cold, sweet, creamy, and coconutty. Definitely my kind of drink.  (more…)

Matcha Molten Lava Cheese Tart

Molten Lava Cheese Tart

There’s something about lava flow — it’s memorizing — the oozing, flowing… kind of in the same way how people (like myself) get super excited about runny egg yolk. Yes, drippy soft-boiled egg all the way for me!

Now for some real talk: I am not the biggest fan of cheese. I have a (weird) stipulation when it comes to it — in order for me to eat it, it has to be in its melted form. For example: grilled cheese, tuna melts, or pizza. No cheese and crackers for this girl!

You’re probably wondering what does lava and cheese have anything to do with each other?!  (more…)