Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies2It’s already December 1st. The last month of the year.

This year went by in a blur. But ’tis the season for cookies! Truth to be told, I’m not much of a cookie person. If I had a choice of cake versus cookie, cake would win each time.

But there’s an exception. Christmas cookies.

What constitutes a “Christmas cookie?” In my books, it’s any cookie that suddenly makes an appearance in front of me between November 25 – January 5. So arbitrary, yes? (more…)

Matcha Brownie Mochi (Brochi)

Matcha Brownie Mochi Brochi1What do you get when mochi and brownies get together?

Brochi. (Brownie + Mochi)

Get it?

I’m definitely not much of a joke teller. However, when it comes to mashups, I love exploring different ideas and flavours (if you haven’t already noticed). I know I’ve previously published a matcha mochi recipe, but this one has a more cakey feel with less of a crust on the outside. Matcha brownie mochi. More like a brownie, but with that slightly gummy glutinous texture on the inside that we love in mochi.  (more…)

All-Natural Steamed Custard Buns (Lai Wong Bao)

Custard Buns Lai Wong Bao 3
Eggs, milk and sugar … these are the basic ingredients that are in a custard.

So it should be as simple to make custard-filled buns, right?

But did you know that most custard buns are actually made with custard powder? Custard powder was invented in England by Alfred Bird in the the 1800s. Hence, the name “Bird’s Custard Powder.” There’s no actual eggs in that particular custard powder, however, there is a long list of additives and preservatives, which means you won’t find custard powder in my kitchen. (more…)