Berry Water
Summer is in full swing here on the West Coast, and while we normally have mild summers, this year has been exceptionally hot and dry. Not that I’m complaining, because that means I’m constantly thinking of new drinks to keep hydrated.

When Wayfair reached out to me to collaborate on a post for their Blogger’s Picks, I was thrilled to peruse their website and pick out essentials (in my opinion) that every kitchen needs, including some beautiful beverage dispensers and glassware for those aforementioned summertime drinks! 

One of my favourite ways to stay hydrated in the summer is with an easy berry water. Feel free to add in any fruit that you like — the possibilities are endless. I always have fresh organic berries in my refrigerator, and I love it when the fruit is lightly muddled so the water turns a gorgeous pink colour. It’s looks pretty like juice, but you’re actually drinking all-natural berry-infused water, which is awesome!

This berry water is cool, ever-so-slightly tart and refreshing, with a hint of citrus — perfect for those hot summer nights. Pair the berry water with some light appetizers such as my Baked Dukkah Tofu Fries or Green Onion Pancakes on the patio, and you’ll be a summertime hero.

Berry Water

Summer Berry Water

8 C filtered cold water
1/4 C organic blackberries
1/4 C organic strawberries
1/4 C organic raspberries
1/2 lime or lemon, sliced

Pour water into a large glass pitcher or drink dispenser and add the berries and lemon/lime slices.

Use a muddler or a large wooden spoon to gently muddle the berries and the lemon/lime.

Place into the refrigerator or let the berry water sit for about 30 minutes for the fruit flavours to mingle.

Add ice and serve. Top off with more water as needed.

Berry Water

I’m so happy to share with you my Top 10 Blogger’s Picks in partnership with Wayfair. You can click each individual product’s image to see more on Wayfair’s website. From there, you can browse all of their beautifully curated home and decor items, and keep an eye out for my Blogger’s Pick badge!

How many of these items do you have in your kitchen? Is there something that you would add to the list as a kitchen essential? Let me know in the comments!

Michelle’s Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Towels
Herringbone Pattern Kitchen Dish Towels Set
I love that these towels are 100% cotton and can be bleached. Not only can you use them to dry your hands or dishes, but you can use them to cover your yeast doughs while they rise!
Wayfair Basics Chef Apron
If you’re serious in the kitchen, then an apron is an essential. It’s the first thing I put on when I’m in the kitchen. A good quality, thick, easily washable apron will keep your clothes clean from splatters and last you for many years.
Flatware Sets
Allure 60 Piece Flatware Set
I love a classic and elegant design that will stand the test of time. This set has a good weight, is made of stainless steel and you won’t ever need to polish it.
Beverage Serverware
Provence Beverage Dispenser
I love the tall shape of this drink dispenser. Place it on the kitchen counter and throw in some strawberries, lemons, ice and water and you’ll get your 8 glasses of water in a day in no time!
Cake and Tiered Stands
Dillsboro 3 Tier Glass Platter
I love this elegant glass 3-tier platter. Not only can you use it to show off cupcakes, but you can also use it as an afternoon tea display and place mini sandwiches on the bottom tier and other baked goods on the middle and top tiers.
Dinnerware Sets
Colleen 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4
I love the versatility of this dinner set. Still traditional with the shape, but with the subtle ribbing on the exterior and edges, it adds a little depth and interest.
Strauss Beverage Glass
Tall drinking glasses are an essential in any kitchen. Fill it with ice cubes, water, lemonade, or juice, and you’ll be hydrating in style.
Food Storage
Container Food Storage Set
I love that these glass storage containers don’t contain any plastics or harmful BPAs, and that they are stain-resistant. They’re the best for keeping and reheating leftovers, and are great as personal lunch boxes.
Hatton 16 oz. Mason Jar and Straw
I love that these mason jars have a lid and straw which makes them perfect for healthy on-the-go smoothies. Plus they’re made of glass which is very eco-friendly.
Food Storage
Stainless Steel 11.8 Gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can
I love how I don’t have to get my hands dirty touching the garbage can! A practical and great investment for the kitchen.

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