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Tacos de Lengua (Beef Tongue Tacos)

Beef Tongue Tacos

It’s Tuesday! Taco Tuesday! When I think of tacos, I usually think seasoned ground beef in a crunchy taco shell. At least, that’s how Taco Bell markets their tacos! But there are so many different cuts and types of meat that go well in tacos. Pork (carnitas), beef flank (asada), even chicken (pollo), and don’t forget fish (baja) are only some of the many options you’ll see in taco shops.

But today I’m turning my attention to something offal: beef tongue tacos (tacos de lengua). (more…)

Green Onion Pancakes (葱油饼) 3 Ways

green onion pancakes
If there’s one food thing my eldest dislikes the most, it would be green onions. He will pick out each and every single piece of green onion in his soup, or noodles. He has such a sensitive palate — a little tingle, and he’ll know there’s green onions involved. I can only hope that he will outgrow this phase and learn to enjoy more spicier foods when he is older.

So with an abundance of green onions gifted to me from my grandma’s garden, (more…)