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1st Blogiversary & Rose Strawberry Hibiscus Mille Crepe Cake

Rose Strawberry Hibiscus Mille Crepe Cake2
What a year it has been! Today’s my blog’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe how much has happened within the past year.

What started out as a hobby that I didn’t take too seriously has now become such an exciting and creative outlet for me. I know I’ve always enjoyed blogging. Even when I was a child, I would journal incessantly… I don’t know how many diaries I kept, but there was a stack before I left for University. And while I was still in University, I moved over from paper journaling to online “blogging.”  (more…)

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle CookiesSometimes I wish I had more hours in a day to do the things I want to do. I’m an early riser and my personality is that I like to get things done right away so that I can relax later, yet I feel like I’m constantly running a rat race. This is especially true once I had kids. In fact, I used to be in bed at 10pm every night. I know, I totally sound like a grandma. But these days… if I want to fit in working on the blog, or even just reading a cookbook, I’m pushing my bed time past 11:45pm.

I’ve been wanting to make these crinkle cookies since I saw Martha Stewart make them years ago, but I never found the time until now. With Christmas around the corner, I needed to make some cookies that scream “CHRISTMAS!”  I think these crinkle cookies are unique enough that they remind me of the holidays.  (more…)

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies2It’s already December 1st. The last month of the year.

This year went by in a blur. But ’tis the season for cookies! Truth to be told, I’m not much of a cookie person. If I had a choice of cake versus cookie, cake would win each time.

But there’s an exception. Christmas cookies.

What constitutes a “Christmas cookie?” In my books, it’s any cookie that suddenly makes an appearance in front of me between November 25 – January 5. So arbitrary, yes? (more…)